The Techne of Verse-Making: Poetry’s Termes in Middle English

Tomorrow I’m off to London to attend the Biennial London Chaucer Conference.  I’m speaking on Saturday morning in a session on ‘Literary Technologies’.  The title of my short paper is ‘The Techne of Verse-Making: Poetry’s Termes in Middle English’.  It discusses verse-technology and verse-terminology in fourteenth and fifteenth century English poetry, looking especially at balades and lenvoys.  I look at the ‘Lenvoy de Chaucer’ at the end of the Clerk‘s Tale, at Lydgate’s Fall of Princes, and at The Kingis Quair.

If you’d like to read my presentation, you can download it here:

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The slides for my paper can be found here.

2 thoughts on “The Techne of Verse-Making: Poetry’s Termes in Middle English

  1. I wish more scholars would publish their work on the web–especially if they’d do it in such an attractive and engaging way.

    This material in particular is potentially just as interesting to practicing writers like me, who write, translate and review poetry, as it is to other scholars of the period.

    It’s given me a fresh perspective on our “craft or sullen art”.


  2. Thanks for the comment and the tweets. Great to hear that poets and translators might be interested too. I plan to put future presentations, papers and articles up on the blog, so hope you will enjoy more in future. Jenni

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