Resources for A-Level

This page provides resources for AQA’s English Literature A-Level Specification A, Unit 3 (LITA3), ‘Reading for Meaning’.  This is a challenging exam, in which A-Level students answer questions on unseen texts from all genres from Chaucer onwards.  The texts are linked by the theme of ‘Love through the Ages’.

These four worksheets (see below for downloads) are designed for teachers and students who would like to explore some late medieval and early Tudor poetry as part of their preparation for the ‘Love through the Ages’ exam.  Each worksheet has a poem (with a Modern English paraphrase), some background and context, some information about different types of writing about love, some questions to help students think about the content of the poems, and some questions to help students think about how form, structure and language are used by these love poets.


You can find posts on Middle English love poetry here:  Love through the Ages

Here is the text of a talk on ‘Teaching Chaucer’ which I recently gave to the Forum for English, Drama and Media in Education hosted by Oxford University’s Department of Education: 

Here’s the handout of Chaucer Resources which accompanied the talk: 

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