ballade (or balade), noun

(1) The tune and/or lyrics of a song for singing (to listen to or as an accompaniment to dancing).

(2) A fixed-form lyric (i.e. an imitation in English of one of the set forms of French poetry), often three stanzas with a refrain in the final line of each stanza, sometimes followed by a fourth envoy stanza.  Ballades are conventionally through-rhymed (i.e. they have the same rhyme sounds in all three or four stanzas).

(3) A single rhyme-royal stanza (i.e. a stanza with the rhyme-scheme ababbcc).  This stanza-form was often used for fixed-form ballades, hence the term being used for a single stanza in this form.

(4) A stanza (whether ababbcc or ababbcbc or some other form ); in balade wise or in balade can mean ‘written in stanzas’, ‘written stanzaically’.

(5) A short poem (often longer than a three-stanza fixed-form ballade) written in stanzas.

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