About Stylisticienne

Stylisticienne (Fr, ‘one who specialises in stylistics’).  I am a lecturer in English at Exeter College, University of Oxford.  I teach English Literature from 1100 to 1550, as well as Prelims Paper 1 Section A ‘Approaches to Language’.  Oxford undergraduates reading English have to write critical commentaries on Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde in their Finals, so a good proportion of my time is spent explaining aspects of Middle English poetics and literary style.


As well as teaching, I am also writing a book on poetic innovation and poetic experiment across the fifteenth and early  sixteenth centuries.  This is a bit of a swerve, as my first book explored political poetry and political language in a very narrow historical period.  I have also written another book more directly inspired by my teaching, a reader’s guide to Chaucer’s Troilus.

book cover 1

This blog will be a record of a work in progress and a lot of thoughts in progress.  Some posts will be trials for parts of the book which I am writing.  Some posts will be a home for things that interest me a great deal but which won’t make it into the book.  Some will be digressions.  Some may discuss the teaching of poetics in school and at university.  All of it will, I hope, be of interest to those few, those happy and lucky few, who spend a little time or a lot of time reading Middle English poetry and thinking about its style.